U16 Match Reports

U16 Boys Team

U16 A Championship Shield Final 2011  

Date: 19th October 2011 at Darver. 

Newtown Blues 4-7 

Cill Choirle/N.Malachi 2-8


Newtown Blues’ ability to create and take goal chances decided this entertaining game. Cill Choirle/N.Malachi started strongly and took an early lead with a point.  Soon afterwards, Alan Wilton’s predatory instincts were sharp as he netted from the Blues’ first serious attack.  The combination side dictated the first 15 minutes of the game and worried the Blues’ defence.  A goal from play and a few points from frees was just reward for their efforts.  Midway through the half, Ronan McQuaile and James Carter got to grips with midfield and the tide turned to light Blue.  Ryan Halton latched onto a long pass to slot home and the Blues added a few points from incisive moves.  Half time Newtown Blues 2-4 Cill Choirle/N.Malachi 1-5.  Two points in it and anybody’s game.


Alan Wilton scored a replica of his first half goal to increase the Blues’ lead.  A lot of the second half was played in Blues’ territory as Cill Choirle/N.Malachi kept driving and probing for scores.  They attacked at pace and thanks to stout defending and a few excellent saves from Conor Barton, the Blues kept their advantage. Both sides exchanged points to leave a four/five point difference between the teams for much of the second period.  Whenever the Drogheda side attacked there was always the ‘smell’ of a goal once Conor Moore, John Connolly and Shane Byrne got moving. At the end of one of these moves Ryan Halton  lashed the ball to the net to put eight points between the teams.  But there was no relaxing as the combination side scored a deserved goal to leave the result in doubt until the final whistle. And what a relief and pleasure to hear that whistle at the end of  a long and ultimately successful season.


Brendan McCarthy presented the cup to jubilant team captain Shane Byrne afterwards.


Blues squad:- Conor Barton, Conor Farrell, Andy McCann, Ryan Coyle, Jordan Harmon, Leigh Sinnott, Ciaran Clarke, , Ronan McQuaile (0-1), James Carter (0-1), Shane Byrne (0-1), Ryan Halton (2-0), Conor Moore , John Connolly (0-3), Graham Lynch , Alan Wilton (2-1) Thomas O’Hanlon, John McDonnell, Dylan Curran, Padraig Cotter, David Coffey, Conor McQuaile


Thanks to the parents and players for all their efforts and assistance during the year. Keep ‘em at it!

U16 A Championship Shield Semi Final 

Date:  5 October 2011 

Venue: St Fechins.  

Newtown Blues 3-5 

Éire Óg 2-5


Newtown Blues qualified for the final of this competition after an intense and absorbing game. Played in driving wind and rain, this game was never going to be a free-flowing football exhibition. The Blues started strongly and took an early lead with three wind assisted frees from John Connolly.  Éire Óg’s slick movement brought them into the game and they scored a point. They continued to break the Blues’ defensive lines, but were thwarted by excellent defensive tackles and vital interceptions. Then Blues’ captain, Shane Byrne, latched onto a pass, took a few steps and lashed the ball to the net to give them a lead they were going to need facing into a strong second half wind.  Conor Moore added a point from play. Just before the break Éire Óg scored a point from a free and then Dean Maguire latched onto a rebound to raise a green flag. Half time Newtown Blues 1- 4 Éire Óg 1-2


Wind assisted, Éire Óg quickly reduced the deficit with a point.  However, on a night when scores were hard won, it was the Blues’ ability to get goals from limited opportunities that ultimately made the difference. John Connolly diverted a Shane Byrne 45 to the net and soon after got a tap in to a loose ball. The Dundalk side attacked at pace and got an excellently worked goal and then tagged on a couple of points to reduce the difference to two points.  The game looked to be swinging in favour of Éire Óg, but the Blues’ defence held firm and they were always a threat going forward.  Graham Lynch pointed a free to put three between the sides and it was a great relief to hear the long whistle.



Best for Blues:- Jordan Harmon, Ronan McQuaile, Ryan Coyle, John Connolly,


Blues squad:- Andy McCann, Ryan Coyle, Conor Farrell, Ronan McQuaile, Leigh Sinnott, Ciaran Clarke, Padraig Cotter, James Carter, Shane Byrne, John Connolly (2-3), Conor Moore (0-1), Thomas O’Hanlon, John McDonnell, Graham Lynch (0-1), Dylan Curran, Alan Smith, Jordan Harmon

U16 A Championship Shield Quarter final  

Date: 28  September 2011

Venue: Newtown Blues.  

Blues 3-12 

Oliver Plunkets 2-5


The Blues progressed to the semi final of the competition after this derby game. Even though there was no cup up for grabs, there is always and extra component to games between these two great rivals.  It’s as if there is an invisible or ‘mental’ trophy to be won when these two meet or else it’s a case of who can smile widest at school the following day.


The Plunkets took the lead from the penalty spot, but the home side were quickly on levels terms with two points from Conor Moore and a free by Graham Lynch. The Plunkets replied with another point.  After this score the Blues moved Ryan Halton to centre forward where he won a lot of ball and his incisive running instigated many successful attacks.  The Blues dominated the rest of the half on the scoreboard and were good value for their seven point interval lead.


Aided by a slight breeze, and strong words of encouragement from Gerry Duffy,  the Plunkets quickly reduced the lead to five points, but this was as close as they got.  Alan Smith won a short Plunkets’ kickout and lobbed the goalie with a ‘peach’ from 30 metres.  This gave the Blues some breathing space, however, they could not relax as the Plunkets kept up the pressure and won a second penalty.  Conor Barton guessed correctly and turned the low shot around the post for a 45.  This was probably the decisive moment as the Blues scored another goal soon afterwards to clinch the game.


Best for Blues:- Conor Moore, Andy McCann, Jordan Harmon


Blues squad:- Conor Barton, Andy McCann, Ronan McQuaile, Leigh Sinnott, Ciaran Clarke, Padraig Cotter, James Carter (0-1), Ryan Halton (0-2), Shane Byrne, John Connolly (0-1), Conor Moore (1-4), Jordan Harmon (0-2), Thomas O’Hanlon, John McDonnell, Graham Lynch (0-1), Ryan Coyle, Conor McQuaile, Dylan Curran, Conor Farrell, Alan Smith (2-1)


U-16 Div 1B League Semi Final 
Clan na Gael 6 – 11 
Newtown Blues 6-04 

21st September 2011 at Clan na Gael
Clan na Gael progressed to the final after this entertaining U-16 Div 1B League Semi Final. Ultimately, the difference between the sides were the early scores the Clans got in the first ten minutes of the game.
The Clans settled quickly and raced into a an early lead with two goals and also tagged on a few points.  The home side held the upper hand and made the most their possession to lead by 3 – 7 to 1- 3 at the break. Shane Byrne scored got the Blues’ goal and it would have been closer except for two excellent saves from the Clans’ keeper.
The Blues were much stronger in the second half and reduced the deficit on a few occasion.  Three goals from the excellent, Conor Moore and further goals from Graham Lynch and John Connolly kept the game interesting until the final whistle.  However, the Clans were always able to respond with scores anytime the Blues got too close.
Conor Barton, Andy McCann, Leigh Synnott, Ronan McQuaile, Conor Farrell, Ryan Coyle, Shane Byrne, Ryan Halton, Graham Lynch, John Connolly, Conor Moore, Conor McQuaile, Padraig Cotter, John McDonnell.
Best For Blues, , Ronan McQuaile, Conor Moore, Conor Farrell
Note: The game was very well refereed

U-16 A Championship preliminary round 
7th Sept. 2011 in Haggardstown
Geraldines 5 -15 
Newtown Blues 4-04
The Geraldines progressed to the quarter finals of the U-16 A Championship after a comprehensive victory.  However, five minutes into the second half, the Blues led by a point.  They could have been further ahead as two goal man, Dylan Curran, almost completed a hat trick 
The Gers got off to a great start and were seven points up after they scored from the penalty spot.  This spurred the Blues into action and at the end of an evenly contested first half, the Haggardstown team led a goal.
The Blues got back on terms straight from the off and it looked like it was going to be a ‘ding –dong’ second half.  But the Gers got a grip around midfield and they made serious inroads with their slick passing and movement.  The Blues fought to the end, but were defeated by a well drilled team.
Conor Barton, Andy McCann, Leigh Synnott, Ciaran Clarke, Ronan McQuaile, Ryan Coyle, Shane Byrne, James Carter, Ryan Halton, Graham Lynch, John Connolly, Jordan Harmon, Alan Smith, Conor Moore, Dylan Curran  McQuaile, John McDonnell. Padraig Cotter, Tomás O’Hanlon

U-16 Div 1B League Quarter Final 
Wed. 24th Aug. 7pm 
Newtown Blues 3-08 
O Connells/Stabannon/L.Leire 0-12 
On a near perfect evening, the Blues U-16 had a hard fought win in this U-16 Div 1B League Quarter Final.  For a change the Blues settled quickly and raced into a three point lead before the visitors got off the mark with a point. The home side responded again and raised two more white flags. However, the visitors were the stronger team for the rest of the first half and scored seven points in a row to lead.  Approaching the break, the Blues’ Jordan Harmon netted at the end of an incisive move to leave the scores level 1-5 to 0-8.
The combination team scored two early points, but the Blues revival led by the introduction of Shane Byrne got underway and goals from Conor Moore and Dylan Curran gave them the lead.  Every time the visitors attacked, there was danger and it needed a few excellent tackles by Leigh Sinnott and his defensive colleagues to prevent any flags being raised.   Further points from Graham Lynch and John Connolly consolidated the game.
Andy McCann, Leigh Synnott, Ciaran Clarke, Ronan McQuaile, David Coffey, Conor Farrell, Shane Byrne, James Carter (0-1), Graham Lynch, John Connolly (0-4), Jordan Harmon (1-0), Alan Smith (0-1), Conor Moore (1-0), Dylan Curran (1-0) Conor McQuaile,
Best For Blues, , Shane ByrneLeigh Synnott, John Connolly, James Carter, Conor McQuaile, Conor Moore

U-16 1B League 25th May 2011 at Newfoundwell

5th Round 

Newtown Blues 4-10 

Baile Talún 2-9  


On another blustery evening, this U-16 game kept the spectators entertained until the final whistle.  Baile Talún aided by the breeze settled quickly and led by four points after 10 minutes.  The Blues levelled quickly when Conor Moore netted just after a John Connolly point.  However, the visitors were the stronger team for the most of the first half and led by 2 points at the break 1-5 to 1-3.


Shane Byrne and James Carter got a grip at midfield and started driving at the Baile Talún defence. Even thought they drew level quickly and had a number of opportunities to increase their lead, the Blues did not avail of them.  Every time the visitors attacked, there was danger and it needed a few excellent tackles by Andy McCann and his defensive colleagues to prevent any flags being raised.  The turning points in the game came in the last ten minutes when John Connolly scored two goals and an excellent point from long range frees. Baile Talún were not finished and scored another goal to reduce the lead to three points with a few minutes left. As tension increased, the Blues’ Jordan Harmon picked the ball up 40 metres out, turned, ran and roofed one of the best goals seen in Newfoundwell for a while to settle the game.


Conor Barton, Ciaran Clarke,  Andy McCann, Padraig Cotter, David Coffey, Leigh Synnott, Ronan McQuaile, Shane Byrne, James Carter (0-1), Ryan Coyle (0-1), John Connolly (2-2), Jordan Harmon (1-1), Alan Smith (0-2), Conor Moore (1-2), Dylan Curran (0-1) Jamie Murray,  Conor McQuaile, Conor Farrell, Thomas O’Hanlon


Best For Blues, Ryan Coyle, Shane Byrne, Leigh Synnott, John Connolly, Andy McCann


U-16 1B League 
11th May 2011
4th Round at home
Newtown Blues 3-11
Clans 1-9  
The U-16s won their second league game. On a blustery evening, both  teams defied the conditions to play an entertaining game of football.  The Blues settled quickly and led by 1-2 to no score after 10 minutes.  The Clans hit back with an excellent solo effort to raise a green flag. At half time the Blues led by 1-8 to 1-1, a lead they needed as the Clans had the aid of the wind after the break.
The Clans enjoyed a greater share of possession in the second half and reduced it to four and it seesawed between four and five points for most of the second half.  Conor Barton made a few excellent saves to maintain the Blues' advantage.  Both teams attempted to take control, but in a very tense finish, Alan Smith and Dylan Curran scored  two goals to put the game beyond doubt for the Blues
Conor Barton, Padraig Cotter,  Andy McCann, Ryan Coyle, Ciaran Clarke, Leigh Synnott, Conor Farrell, Ryan Halton  Shane Byrne (0-1) Jordan Harmon (0-1)  John Connolly (0-3) Graham Lynch (0-1) ,Alan Smith (1-3), Conor Moore (1-0), Dylan Curran (1-0) Jamie Murray,  Conor McQuaile,
Best For Blues, Conor Barton, Ryan Coyle, Alan Smith, Ryan Halton, Padraig Cotter

U-16 1B League 3rd Round 
6th May 2011 in Ballybailie
Newtown Blues 4-16 
John Mitchels 3-7 
The U-16s played their third league game away in Ballybailie on Friday evening. Shortly after the throw-in, the Blues had the perfect start when Shane Byrne rattled the net and they tagged on a few points soon after.  The Mitchels responded with a goal and it was game on. However, the away team soon added another goal from Ryan Halton to take control again.  The game was fairly evenly balanced after that with some excellent attacking from both teams. The Mitchels  would have been a lot closer than 8 points at the break if they had capitalised on their scoring opportunities.

The home side started the second half much  more dominant and within five minutes they had scored two well executed goals from play without reply. The Blues responded positively. James Carter, Jordan Harmon and Conor Moore began to see more of the ball and Conor scored an excellent goal followed by two quick points to re-establish the Blues' grip on the game.  However, the Mitches kept up the pressure and scored a few more points. The game was finally made safe when Shane scored his second goal to give the Blues their first victory of the season following a draw and loss in the previous rounds.

Padraig Cotter, Seán McNeill, Andy McCann, Conor McQuaile, David Coffey, Ronan McQuaile, Ciaran Clarke, Ryan Halton (1-2) James Carter (0-1) Jordan Harmon (0-3) Shane Byrne (2-2), John Connolly (0-2) Alan Smith (0-3), Conor Moore (1-2), Jamie Murray, Graham Lynch
Apart from the scorers, the Blues were well served by Andy McCann, David Coffey and Ronan McQuaile